Prominent Omani ArtistALIA ALI AL FARSI

Alia Al Farsi holds an ineffable belief in the need to explore inner beauty and to help project it to discerning viewers. Not hindered by stereotypical definitions of art and the means of expressing it, she imbues a sense of style in all that she creates. A firm believer that art needs strong roots but these should not act as barriers to creativity and hence her interpretations of Arabic art take on cerebral forms and textures.

The scale of what she can create spans from intricate palm sized boxes to large wall paintings and even air-force jet fighters. Her recent foray into furniture, sculptures, installations, and object painting allows her to showcase and express her talent beyond two-dimensional settings of the canvas. Complex pieces with multi-faceted subjects sit next to paintings that use old coins and textiles from the Far East. Her strong spiritual grounding and interest in the philosophies of Sufism is captured in the movements, facial expressions and reflective looks of her paintings.

She has exhibited internationally with solo shows in Tokyo, Seoul, Paris, and Brussels. Having established her credibility as a serious artist with a clear message, she has also exhibited with similar minded artists in Stockholm, Berlin, Shanghai, Abu Dhabi, and Geneva amongst many exhibitions over the past 20 years and in over 20 countries. She is also the recipient of numerous awards, was voted amongst the top Arab women, obtained an MBA from Bedfordshire University and has explored graphic design at Central Saint Martin. Her works are exhibited in museums including the Arab World Institute in Paris and in prestigious hotels in the region. An active participant in social media, she sees the potential of using these new media frontiers for spreading her message to art connoisseurs around the world.


  • Strings & Love with renowned writer Ahlam Mosteghanemi & Calligrapher Abderrazak Hamouda, Geneva 2015
  • Art Bahrain 2015, Bahrain
  • Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art, Vienna 2015
  • Art Basel, Switzerland 2015
  • Art 15 London، UK 2015
  • Venice Biennale Arabian Pavilion, Italy 2015
  • Solo Exhibition Preeminence, DIFC Dubai 2015
  • Painting sold at Christies Auction, Dubai 2015
  • Solo Exhibition which inspired prose by renowned writer Waciny Laredj Paris 2015
  • Solo Exhibition Manifestations Korea 2014
  • Arabic Wings Auction Saudi Arabia 2014
  • Art workshop & Exhibition, Selcuk University, Turkey 2013
  • Solo Exhibition at the Arab World Institute, Paris 2012
  • Solo Exhibition, Belgium 2012
  • Solo Exhibition, Communique Celestial, Tokyo 2012
  • Mada2 Exhibition, Stockholm 2012
  • Art Abu Dhabi 2011, 2012 & 2013
  • Art Exhibition, Shanghai Expo 2010
  • Art Exhibition, Geneve 2010
  • Dr. Suad Al Sabah GCC Fine Arts Exhibition, Kuwait 2010
  • Exhibition at Salwa Zeidan Gallery, Abu Dhabi 2009 - 2010
  • Conducted Art workshop, Kuwait 2010
  • Oman Cultural Week, Jordan 2009
  • Omani Cultural Week, Berlin 2008
أكثر من


  • China 2008
  • Syria 2008
  • Qatar 2007
  • Egypt 2006
  • Saudi Arabia 2006
  • Jordan 2002
  • Iran 2002
  • Belgium 2001
  • Turkey 2001
  • Qatar 1999
  • Tunisia 1998


  • Painting on Airforce Jet Fighters 2013
  • Opening of Stal Gallery, 2013
  • Alia's Sky, Royal Opera House Galleria, Muscat 2013 Solo Exhibition
  • Opening of Ghalia's Museum of Modern Art 2011 Solo Exhibition
  • Spaces of Eternity, Solo Exhibition, at Shangri-La Resort organized by Bait Al-Zubair 2010
  • Art workshop for 40 female Artist from different countries, 2010
  • Participated in Oryx Caravan, a public arts project with leading International Artists in 2010
  • Zenith of Solitude Solo Exhibition at Bait Al Baranda, 2009
  • Annual Small Works Exhibition
  • Numerous exhibitions from 1993-2012


  • Selected as one of the top Arab Women
  • Website awarded Gold Award at Oman Tech Awards 2016
  • App awarded App of the Year at Oman Tech Awards 2016
  • Judge of Ministry of Defense Art Competition 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016
  • 3rd Place, The Annual Exhibition of the Fine Arts Society 2010
  • 1st Place, Dr. Suad Al Sabah Award, Kuwait 2010
  • Plaque, Personal Art Workshop, Museum of Modern Art, Kuwait, 2010
  • Certificate for being part of the Judging Panel of the Graduates of Scientific Design College, 2009
  • Grand Prize, The Annual Exhibition of the Fine Arts Society, 2009
  • Beijing Olympic torch plaque, 2008
  • Plaque, The Omani Cultural Week, Jordan 2002
  • Plaque, Muscat Festival, 2000
  • Medal, The GCC Fine Arts Exhibition, Qatar 1999
  • 2nd Prize, Omani Cultural Week, 1999